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 The Eduard Model Accessories company is one of the significant Museum partners. This company is a plastic model maker and a propagator of aviation. We realized that we have a lot in common.

This Czech company is famous for their photo-etching accessories for plastic models manufactured by worldwide model makers. For many years, they have astonished everyone by their very good, detailed and unusual exact plastic models in different scales. Today, Eduard is without an exaggeration a leader when it comes to plastic models and influences the future direction of plastic model makers.

We had an opportunity to cooperate with Eduard many years ago, when we did lectures during their E-Days in Pilsen. In return, Eduard is a main sponsor of plastic model competitions, which are organized during our International reunion of veterans in Kovarska since 1997.

 It was Eduard who in 2006 solved our trouble on how to make the B-17 aircraft in 1:2500 scale for our 100th BG Thorpe Abbotts base diorama. Metal models with wingspans of 12 mm are stunning, not even the square “D” on their rudders is missing, the insignia of the 100th BG.



 Thanks to our similar views on aviation history, we began to cooperate on models Fw 190A-8/R2 (Royal Class 0004 and Ed 8175) and on aviation art Pauke! Pauke! by Martin Novotny. We hope that our joint activity will continue.



Additional information on these projects can be found on the following web pages in this section (Eduard).

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