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Not too long ago, a new painting by Martin Novotny appeared, which deals with the events of September 11, 1944. This outstanding artist and illustrator joined the family of artist, who were inspired by events to which this Museum is devoted.

 After the Czech artist’s Petr Hampl (“Time of the mid-day bells” (1997)), and Canadian Robert Bailey’s (“America’s Century” (2003)), the Novotny’s painting “Pauke! Pauke!” (2007) originated on the basis of our Museum and closely recreates the actual atmosphere in the sky over the Ore Mountains in the early afternoon of September 11, 1944.

 The painting depicts the first moments of the main stage of the air battle at 12:05, it was when the II. (Sturm) JG 4 attacked the lower squadron of the 100th BG. The JG 4 almost completely destroyed most of the bombers in the combat box.
In the title role of the painting is the Fw 190A-8/R2 “Green 3”, piloted by Uffz. Herbert Chlond of the 5. Staffel. He shot down one B-17G on this day. The Fortress in flames under the Fw 190A is the B17G 42-97834 “Mud In Yer Eye” with the crew of Lt. Orville C. Everitt from the 349th Bomb Squadron, 100th BG.

 The hopelessness of the crew of the Flying Fortresses in the lower squadron of the 100th BG is suggestively portrayed. All of the B-17Gs in the view are in flames, and the first attackers are flying through the bomber formation. Another wave of armored Sturmböcks with their deadly 20 and 30 mm cannons is approaching in the background.

It is a big honor for us, and we are pleased with the thoroughness and the sensitive approach to the events, which Martin Novotny depicted in his painting.

Some details about the depicted airplanes

 The Sturmböck “Green 3” had a relatively short, but dramatic combat life. The Fw 190A-8/R2 W.Nr. 681424 was assigned with the Stab /II. (Sturm) / JG 4 and was the individual aircraft of Oblt. Hans-Günther von Kornatzki, Commander of II. Sturmgruppe JG 4. Oblt. Hans-Günther von Kornatzki was the creator of the Strurm attacks on the formations of Allied bombers. JG 4 became one of only three Luftwaffe geschwader to operate the specialized 'bomber-killer' gruppen designated "Sturmgruppe". II./JG 4 "Sturmgruppe" was formed on July 12, 1944 at Salzwedel from I./ZG 1 and from elements of Oblt. Günter von Kornatzki’s "Sturmstaffel 1". The gruppe was equipped with the modified and heavily armored FW 190A-8/R2. While the heavily armored fighters proved effective against the heavy bombers of the USAAF, they proved vulnerable to the numerous escort fighters and hence suffered heavy losses.
Based on the preserved documents, the “Green 3” got into a combat with the enemy only twice. Their Commander did not lead the attack on Sept 11, 1944 due to other duties.  The II. (Sturm) / JG 4 flew towards the enemy for the first time that day. In spite of it, the “Green 3” took off for a combat mission. Uffz. Herbert Chlond’s Strurmböck of the 5. Staffel / JG 4 broke down; therefore this pilot borrowed the “Green 3” from his Commander. Uffz. Chlond shot down one B-17G in the subsequent combat with the bombers of 100th Bomb Group / 8th USAAF over the Ore Mountains. He handed over the “Green 3”, which just underwent its first combat debut in order to Oblt. Kormatzki.
The II. (Sturm) / JG 4 got into a combat with the Americans again the next day, this time Oblt. von Kornatzki was behind the controls of his “Green 3”. He succeeded to destroy one B-17G with his 20 and 30 mm cannons in the HC 1 area shortly after 11 o’clock. Nevertheless he received serious hits from the gunners of the attacked combat box, and was forced to withdraw from the fight. During an attempt to land the “Green 3” on its belly in a field by Zill, the aircraft crashed after coming in contact with power lines. The II. (Sturm) / JG 4 lost a fatherlike friend, a legend in Sturm tactics, and Commander, in an armored Strurmböck with “Green 3” markings that day.

Uffz. Herbert Chlond in 1944


Dr. Herbert Chlond during his Museum visit in 1999,
next to an engine from Fw 190, in which his friend
Uffz Siegfried Zuber (5. Staffe) died on Sept 11, 1944

 B-17G 42-97834 XR-J „Mud In Yer Eye“ belonged to the 349th Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group. The crew of Lt. Orville C. Everitta flew their seventeenth combat mission with this Flying Fortress on Sept 11, 1944. After being hit numerous times by the 20 and 30 mm cannons from the Sturmböck JG 4 fighters, the bomber exploded in the mid air, and crashed on a hillside of “Velky Spicak” near Kovarska. Six of nine crewmembers died. The 100th Bomb Group lost fourteen Flying Fortresses on that day.

Lt. Orville C. Everitt Crew

Nose art on „Mud In Yer Eye“

The showcase dedicated to the B-17G 42-97834 can be seen on the web pages of our virtual Museum tour:

(Side views – Petr Štěpánek,

Fw 190A-8/R2 1:48 by Eduard

The painting originated in cooperation with our Museum for Eduard Model Accessories as a theme for the cover of a Fw 190A-8/R2 model in 1:48 scale.
In this way, the Eduard Model company honored the men who fought over the Ore Mountains on September 11, 1944. This event became the main theme of this new model and Eduard showed a kinship with our Museum. We would like to thank them, and we are honored to be a part of it!
The model is a success, as a part of the Fw 190s family by Eduard (versions A-5, A-6, A-8 a A-8/R2 were made hitherto), the model received a number of excellent references and we recommend it.

Additional information about the Fw 190A-8/R2 model, catalogue number 8175, can be found here (will be added later)
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Aviation Art Prints by Martin Novotny

Martin Novotny’s Art Gallery with a large number of excellent paintings can be found on web site:


Aviation Art Prints

Artist Martin Novotny, and Eduard Model Accessories agreed to the release of a limited number of large format prints of Pauke! Pauke!, which will be signed by the members of the combat units depicted in the painting – 100th Bomb Group, and Jagdgeschwader 4. A unique commemorative edition will be created. We will inform you in time about the actual release of this print.