Opening Times & Visitor Information

Friends, we are very sorry, but we must announce a temporary short term closing of our Museum. Explosions of the imaginative flak viruses are may be closer than we expected few days ago.
Although we are not officially affected by government restrictions for closing of National Museums and galleries, we feel as responsible to follow this rule because also we could be a way how to increase the virus’s disaster within our visitors. That is something we do not want to support by any way. We are not fans of a panic in any form. But we feel, this is time rather for responsibility than foppishness. The actual restriction by the Museum director are effective at least till end of March. After that date and upon general situation, we will revalue it.  We wanted to thank you for your understanding and looking forward to meet you on sunny Spring months.

Jan Zdiarsky,
Director of the Museum


Museum of air battle over the Ore Mountains
Sept 11, 1944 in Kovarska, Czech Republic

The village of Kovarska is located in the northwest part of Bohemia, in the Chomutov district about 120 km from Prague.

How to get there:

  • By car:  Follow route No. 7 to Chomutov, then in the general direction of Chemnitz. After passing Krimov, turn left in the direction of Vejprty. At Prisecnice reservoir turn left towards Kovarska
  • By train: Line No. 137 from Chomutov
  • Border crossings: The nearest border crossings with Germany are Oberwiesenthal and Reitzenhain. Border crossings for pedestrians are Loucna (Oberwiesenthal), Vejprty (Bärenstein) and Cerny Potok (Jöhstadt)
  • By plane: The nearest airport for small aircraft is by Chomutov (Aeroklub Chomutov), or the nearest International Airport is Karlovy Vary.

Saturday 2 pm - 6 pm
Sunday 2 pm - 6 pm

other days
upon reservation only

Arrangements can be made for museum tours
outside of the opening hours for group visits only

Ing. Jan Zdiarský, PhD. e-mail: